The Most Ugly Fish In The World

Blob FishBlobfish

There is no doubt that the most ugly and “miserable looking” fish in the world is called Blobfish. The blobfish are a deep sea fish. They are from Psychrolutidae family. The scientific name of Blobfish is psychrolutes marcidus. They live in the deep waters in Australia and Tasmania and are seen rarely by humans.
Blobfish live in places with pressure that is several dozen times higher than the at sea level. The deepness is  between 600-1200 m ( 2 000-3900 ft ). Blobfish have pale gelatinous mass instead a flesh. That mass allows to the fish to move easy without expending energy. They are with a large bulbous nose, big mouth with wide lips and staring eyes. The Blobfish is “sad looking” creature. They eat invertebrates like sea urchins,crabs, crustaceans and molluscs from the sea bottom.  The whole body is from gel  because of that the fish has a density that is less than the water. They haven’t muscles at all. The size of Blobfish is up to 12 inches (30 cm)
The female Blob fish lays thousands of eggs at once, the mother stays with the eggs. Very often the nest of Blob fish is next to the other Blob fish nests. It isn’t sure is this a strategy or just from their “lazy” habits and nature. The eggs are pink-colored and their number can be more than 100 000.  The mother cleans the eggs very often. Sometimes the range between the nests are just a few foots (meters).

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